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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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39% say no. >> the debate continues online at as well as facebook and twitter. >> join us tomorrow for another edition of crossfire. erin burnett out front starts right now. out front next, the markets tank again. is the debt ceiling fight about to be as bad as obama officials claim? what caused a navy s.e.a.l. team to abort its mission? and a nine year old sneaks onto a plane headed to vegas without a ticket. and with all the security that we all go through, how in the world did he get away with that? let's go out front.
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and good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. we begin with breaking news. stocks fall as the debt ceiling looms. there is no end in sight. the dow hit a low. it fell nearly 1%. some say that could get a lot worse as this deadline approaches. so what happens if congress fails to meet the october 17th debt ceiling deadline? economic. >> economic catastrophe. >> nuclear bomb. >> you've all heard those words again and again and again. obviously, this is a bad thing. nobody wants it to happen. downgrades could happen for this country, but cataclysm, armageddon. are they accurate? >> you know i'm sitting here listening to that.
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i'm thinking oh, my gosh. that's so farfetched. that makes no sense to me at all. there could be some problems but not to that magnitude. gosh, we're the strongest country in the world. yes, if there's some chance we do default, there could be some problems but no nuclear war, no armageddon. >> what do you think is the most likely scenario? everybody knows we will figure it out. where else are people going to put money? the interest rate has actually gone down. >> right. and wall street's doing very well. we've got to look at businesses doing very well, strongest balance sheets ever. washington is, you know, having some problems. we will come up with a solution. and the market even now is more forgiving than it has been in the past. wall street's feeling pretty good about a solution. it's going to happen. maybe, just a slight chance of
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passing the october 17th deadline. if it happens, the world's not going to come to an end. but what happens to negotiations. i'm going to wait till the very end to make a deal with you. that's what's happening. i think wall street's feeling pretty good that we will have a solution by october 17th. >> a dose of reality there which seems very much needed because yes, this is important. it's a crisis. but armageddon,that's perhaps not accurate. a lot of people are saying john boehner should just call a vote. it's just here's the money. there's no obama care attached. there is no what, we hate the alligators attached. boehner says no way. not only does he not want to, but he says he does not have the votes to put this in front of
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the house. today president obama says prove it, john. right now john boehner is the winner, ding ding. obama is short. but that could change. it could change very fast. is either side about to budge? >> reporter: erin, it el itells everything you need to know. it's taken as potential news and parsed. but that's what happens when two sides are so entrenched on twin economic crises. the government has been shut down since last week. the country could default next week. and the president and the house speaker spent the day talking past each other. >> the reason that speaker boehner hasn't called a vote on it is because he doesn't apparently want to see the government shut down end at the moment. >> the president had us all down at the white house last week only to remind me that he was not going to negotiate over keeping the government open or over the looming need to increase the debt limit.
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>> reporter: let's start with the debt ceiling deadline just ten days away. the white house signaled some flexibility on timing. they prefer to raise the dead ceiling for a year but could accept shorter. >> we're not saying that that can be any particular lint of time. >> reporter: but timing isn't that relevant if the president insists he won't negotiate anything as a condition to raising the debt ceiling. >> we're not going to negotiate under the threat of further harm to our the families. >> reporter: and he says they must include negotiations such as entitlement reform. john baroehner said all he want is a conversation. >> we are interested in having a conversation about how we open the government and how we'd begin to pay our bills. it begins with a simple conversation. >> reporter: on the government shutdown, seven days in, still no end in sight.
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the president taunted the speaker for refusing to have a vote to reopen the federal government. >> if republicans and speaker boehner are saying there are not enough votes they should prove it. >> there are not the votes in the house to pass a clean cr. >> reporter: but some of boehner's rank and file republicans disagree. do you agree with that? >> with respect to the speaker, i do not agree with that. i think if a clean cr were put on the floor i believe it would pass. >> reporter: democrats signed an already -- we have done our own count. our team identify 200 democrats and 14 republican who have
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publicly stated they would vote on a clean bill. but as you heard from house republican charlie dent, there are likely more republicans who would vote yes if given the opportunity, but they are not going to take the political risk of saying so. multiple sources say the john boehner has no intention to bring that clean bill to fund the government. one told my that the conservative backlash would be god awful. another said that would be the end of his speakership. >> former adviser to bill clinton, executive of the daily beast. and terry, let me start with you. you heard dana talking about john boehner, whether he's going to bring this to the floor. you know john boehner. what do you think is in his head? would he bring it to the floor three votes short? would he bring it if he had all
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the votes or would he not? >> almost every media outlet over the past 24 hours has tried to count noises in the house of representatives, and i think there are probably two guys in the house laughing at this, one is the majority whip, and the minority whip, and both of those guys know that nobody's got a perfect count, not even them. i think this is the president doing more brinksmanship. and the house is going to work its will. boehner's saying something pretty simple here. we've got to pay our bills. we've talked about ebb titlement rye form. more spends cuts. the president doesn't want to do anything. and the house want to try and control spending. it's pretty simple. >> the way i see it is nobody wants to compromise on anybody. compromise is a word that's no longer used in washington.
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>> compromise is a third. if you're only three votes short, why not put it forward. think could whip those votes if they wanted to. right now everyone's invested in the brinksmanship. you're seeing a lot of conservative voices doing a debt ceiling denial dance. >> the left is saying it's a cataclysm saying the world is going to end. this presidency has become the chicken little presidency where if we don't do it his way we're going to go straight to h-e double toothpicks. >> there are experts who think that using words like cataclysmic are not appropriate. i just, it raises the question,
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that's on the debt ceiling, but what about the shutdown? there are serious problems with the shutdown and serious injuries happening to a lot of people. 90% of the civilian department of defense employees are now back working. if the government was really shut down, there wouldn't be money to do all of this, so it does create this atmosphere of maybe they oversold this. it was supposed to be the end of the world, and it's not. so maybe the debt ceiling won't be the end of the world. >> i have to defer to experts. i saw warren buffett saying it would be a nuclear bomb. i've never haroeard the guy you interviewed. >> the thing is, if you're not going to put it in trizs, you've
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got to find splats else. >> about past the debt ceiling. let your kids play baseball in the middle of a crowded street. maybe they won't get hit by a car. it's preposterous, crazy, walking into a risk that we don't need to have. in both worlds, there is a four year phrase bond is your bond. john boehner promised, if reid would do that, he would put that bill with those republican spending cuts on the floor. john boehner has reneged. he's gone back on his word. that's a terrible thing to say about him, but it's true. >> this whole obama care issue. the we asked whether the health care law should be delayed because there have been some
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glitches. there's been some coverage but not a lot because the whole coverage has been about the shutdown. >> actually, it shouldn't be delayed at all. we're thrilled with the interest, the call center is up and running. the website is getting better by the day. wait times are way down. so we are thrilled with the interest that people are showing. >> our producers called today to register on the national line. we got through in a couple minutes. what if voters start seeing obama care working? it only has to work a little bit to be better than republicans have portrayed it. >> if something isn't the end of civilization people think maybe this isn't so bad. the debt ceiling is an objective, you know, cliff. and, you don't need the horsemen of apocalypse galloping down the
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street. it's nothing to play chicken with. you've heard the chorus saying it's nothing but kabuki. >> if it's not a nuclear bomb, people say oh, it's not that bad. and that would be unfair. thanks to all three still out front. we have more details about why a navy seal team aborted a mission. and the joyride that resulted in a confrontation between bikers and a driver of a suv. there were cops in the group, multiple cops, and they didn't do anything? and a monster truck the lost control. we'll show you the deadly consequences. and then the breaking bad ending you did not see. oked
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our third story out front, a new arrest in a violent confrontation between a group of bikers and a suv. one of the bikers has now been charged with gang assault among other charges, but this development comes as we are learning new information about something shocking. how many undercover officers, plural, took part in that motorcycle ride, and why didn't they do anything? susan candiotti is out front. what do we know about the person who has now been arrested? >> he's 29 years old, his name
7:18 pm
is craig wright. police are saying he used his fist to punch out the window, his fist, helmet and feet and beat the driver of the suv. after pulling him out of the vehicle. and we've also learned that this biker pleaded guilty last year to operating his motorcycle without a license. so he's got a lot of things going on. he's supposed to be in court tonight for his first appearance. >> in court tonight. >> that's right. >> obviously when you list those things in this violent confrontation, we know the driver did run over some bikers, so there's that part of it. but what about this revelation, that there were multiple police who were in the gang undercover. were they just in the gang on their free time? were they actually working? why didn't they do anything? >> these are the questions we all want to know. we know now that there were at least two undercover off-duty dents that were part of that rally. and at least one of them
7:19 pm
witnessed the assault. so the question is, if they were off-duty, it doesn't matter if they were on duty or off-duty, everyone wants to know, if you see something, why wouldn't you say something them and there, or if you didn't want to blow your cover, why not report it later on that night or when you left the rally. >> which they didn't for days. >> four days went by. so we're waiting for an explanation. these guys are on desk jobs while everything is straightened out. >> amazing. there are now more questions coming out of that awful attack. out front next, serious questions about airplane security. a nine year old boarded a flight to vegas without a ticket, why? and how? and president obama has weighed in on the redskins. and our shout out tonight,
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our fourth story out front is a glaring security breach. a nine year old boy snuck past several layers of security, actually got on a flight from minneapolis to las vegas. he had no ticket, he found an empty seat, he sat down. this is raising questions as it
7:24 pm
should, about america's security in airlines. >> reporter: this is where it all started. a nine year old boy walked off a light rail car thursday and into the minneapolis airport with plans to travel, but no ticket. he passed through the security checkpoint, no problem. then he continued on to the g concourse, specifically here at gate g 4. but it's unclear how he got past the ticket agent who was collecting tickets here. what we do know is this minor board boarded flight 1651 and traveled to las vegas. it wasn't until the flight crew became suspicious because he was traveling alone and contacted police who took the child into custody mondupon landing. but some think this raises bigger questions about security as a whole. >> it means that a child from
7:25 pm
another country could be used as well to further a terrorist agenda. and it means using somebody who's low-key or low profile. >> reporter: while no one would talk on camera, we did get a lot of statements, from the tsa saying they did their jobs. the child was screened with all other passengers to ensure he was not a threat to the aircraft. and then delta, delta is taking this incident very seriously and working with authorities in the investigation, due to the fact it involves a minor, we are not commenting at this time. for the traveling public who know the rigless routine of airport screening. >> and we have to go through taking off our shoes, you go their the thing. >> reporter: it's a mystery how a child could have slipped through the cracks. >> i'm quite surprised that he got through security and all the things that we as adults have to go through. >> reporter: there is some new
7:26 pm
information. we've learned that prosecutors in las vegas plan to meet tuesday to discuss the child's status. now it's unclear exactly what they mean by status. they won't elaborate on that. but fair to say the nine year old remains in las vegas tonight. >> all right. thank you. and out front, new information about raids by american forces. now one was successful and one not. what did navy seals see that caused them to abort the mission? and then an out front investigation. why was this man beaten by five police officers. he's not armed. race doesn't seem to be a factor. so what was? and this weekend's indy crash. plus that ending to breaking bad. i love it! how much do you love it? animation is hot...and i think it makes geico's 20 million drivers message very compelling, very compelling.
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and welcome back to the send half of out front. indy car driver is being treated after a collision sent him into a wall in the last lap of the grand prix in houston. the crash was so violent it sent debris into the stands and injured 13 people who were there. indy car is reviewing the
7:31 pm
incident. it says reviewing the risks of accidents is one of their highest priorities. with football, fans like sports that carry risk of injury to the players. the process of destruction of syria's chemical weapons has gun. syrian personnel used cutting torches or angle grinders to destroy or disable a range of items. i know this comes about six weeks after the chemical attack in which people were killed. this is just the first phase of the project. it should continue into the first part of next year which would be an optimistic time frame by most opinions we are looking into more details of the death of miriam
7:32 pm
carey. a secret service officer attempted to block her infinite with a bike rack. she hit the rack. as can you see. and then knocked the officer to the ground. in her attempt to flee in reverse, officers say it was the second time she reversed. when officers fired several rounds into her vehicle. and that was when she was killed by the bullets that did take her life. gravity, the outer space tlirl set an october opening weekend record raking in $55.6 million. that made back more than half of the film's budget. so i think it's safe to say that one will end in the green. people seem over the moon about it. some scientists are criticizing the accuracy. i went and saw it. it was mostly about the 3d.
7:33 pm
i didn't now yknow you were sup to believe it. it's entertainment. we know that it lies. next up. the u.s. launched two raids. the first in somalia. s.e.a.l. team six was forced to abandon its mission. they got involved in a firefight while trying to capture the leader of al shabaab. the second attack was in libya where they captured an operative wanted since the 1998 embassy boomings. jim sciutto is out front. >> reporter: he was swooped up in minutes, but his legal case will likely stretch out for months, even years. it all began here early saturday morning in broad daylight in
7:34 pm
downtown tripoli. he is snatched by members of the u.s. delta force. his wife who spoke exclusively request cnn said it happened as he returned from morning prayers. >> i rushed to the window after hearing a sound. i saw a mercedes type vehicle with a number of masked mens. they were carrying pistols with silencers. >> reporter: but she said not a single shot was fired. >> everything happened rapidly. they grabbed him and shoved him in the car. i saw them doing this and heard them saying get in. i wasn't sure if that was my husband. the cash spun off like a rocket. >> reporter: he's now on a ship in the mediterranean. he may stay there for days or weeks before he is taken to new york for an indictment in his alleged role no the bombing in kenya. the now officers are likely
7:35 pm
interrogating him before he steps on to u.s. soil. >> there is flexibility for the government here. and the real question is just where the line is and at what point we switch from military detention to civilian criminal prosecution. >> reporter: the likely years away, a civilian criminal trial would mark one of the first prosecutions of a senior al qaeda leader in a u.s. court. a path president obama vowed when he took office. some argue they belong in military courts. >> i wish he was being tried in guantanamo rather than the southern district of new york. >> a big debate is brewing now over where he should be tried. i remember the last time there was an effort to have a trial in new york and huge outrage didn't happen. what does it say about criticism by king? >> reporter: since 9/11, you've
7:36 pm
had more than 400 prosecutions of federal terror related cases with about a 90% conviction rate. and during that same time period you've only had seven successful convictions in military courts. so the federal courts have proven a much more efficient way of the prosecuting terrorism related cases. and they seem to manage the issues about safety and the exposure of intelligence issues. that said, it's very much a political hot-button issue, as you mentioned, the last time they tried to try one of the khalid shake mohamed. >> what about the mission in somalia? we hear s.e.a.l. team six. we think of the team that captured osama bin laden.
7:37 pm
do you know what went wrong? >> reporter: we are told by officials s.e.a.l. team six went there and these operations are very risky and difficult to carry out. they got close to the compound. they can see their target even through the windows, but as they engaged gunfire, more resistance as they expected. and as that was happening, they could see children in their sight. this is a compound with wives and kids in it. and the s.e.a.l. team commanders made the decision that if they return thad fire aggressively they might have killed some of those kids, and they didn't want to have that. they thought it was too much of a risk. they pulled back. so the assault team is the one that went in thayer. they had other teams that were able to take them out. and they were able to take them out safely. >> thank you very much. our sixth story out front is a police beating caught on the tape. the atlantic city mayor is asking for investigations. and i want to warn you.
7:38 pm
we've looked at this video. it is disturbing. you'll see a 20 year old man in an altercation with five police. he was kicked out of a casino called the tropicana for being under age. but what prompted this altercation that turned so horribly violent? casey carol is out front with the investigation. >> reporter: surveillance video shows what happened minutes after the tropicana casino kicked this man out for being under age. he is surrounded by at least five atlantic city police officers in the early morning hours of june 15. his hands behind his back and he empties his pockets. minutes later he walks away. it seem the fairly routine. then the situation escalates. i crosses the street yelling at police. one minute later still yelling. officers still holding back.
7:39 pm
then about 1:40 into it, officers have had enough. it takes four officers to wristle him to the ground. they knee and strike him with batons as they try to handcuff him. a fifth officer arrives. >> i was basically rolling up in a ball. i wasn't resisting that. >> reporter: you can see at this point, they have managed to get him on his stomach. one hand almost behind his back. five seconds later, a k-9 officer pulls up. jumps out of the car and immediately sets the dog on him. >> when the dog chomped on the back of my head i was receiving blows on the back of high hid. >> reporter: he was charged with disorderly conduct and aggravated assault on an officer and canine. he needed 200 stitches to choice his wounds and multiple dog bites on his head and neck. >> i walked into the room and i was shackled to the bed by his
7:40 pm
feet. he was, looked like he was in shock. he was bleeding and oozing everywhere. >> worst thing a parent could possibly experience. >> reporter: then his parents saw the surveillance tape. >> i went home and got sick. it was really, really terrible. >> reporter: they are suing the atlantic city police department as well as the city. >> i think it is one of the most egregious examples of excessive force, police brutality i have ever seen. you can't just bum rush somebody who's said something offensive to you. >> reporter: they've had 15 prior complaints related to excessive force or assault. one officer still has five additional suits pending against him. the atlanta city police would not make any of the officers involved in the case available. but the chief says it's too early for judgment.
7:41 pm
>> all i can tell you is that there is an internal investigation and that when it's over i'll be able to speak about the results. >> reporter: at this point, though, you are standing by the officers? >> absolutely. and at this conclusion of the investigation, we'll move forward from there. >> reporter: the mayor of atlantic city called the video disturbing and has asked the state's attorney general to oversee that investigation. we showed the tape to a former police officer and expert. >> i have to say that i believe the use of force they used here was appropriate, yes. >> reporter: a professor of criminal justice says from his perspective, the use of the dog was an unnecessary and potentially deadly use of force. >> i don't know of any training that allows officer does launch a dog on someone's neck, which is where the dog went. >> reporter: do you believe there can be any justification for the officers' actions? >> no. >> reporter: he showed me the scars he will now have to live
7:42 pm
with. but he says his experience has not shaken his trust in law enforcement. >> i'm not saying that all cops are bad. the majority are here to protect us and are good people. but there are some that have to be looked out for. >> reporter: atlantic city new jersey. out front next, president obama weighed in on the washington redskins. and some say he should have stayed the heck out of it. and a monster truck went out of control with deadly consequences. and i hope you're chicken mcnuggets for dinner. and this the robber walks in, what does he do? he stands there and he reaches down and i has a ma schett eye. he pulls out the machete and chases the attempted robber out
7:43 pm
of the store. it gets even better. because then the chase continues into the parking lot where the guy with the gun is so scared of the guy with the machete that he doesn't even shoot. this is an incredible story. the shout out goes to the clerk for having a machete at the ready. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
7:44 pm
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and we're back with our outer circle tonight. we go to mexico where at least eight people, including four children were killed. a driver lost control of his monster truck, sending it into the crowd. you watch these monster truck videos and these competitions. but i want to warn you that what you're about to see now is a horrible thing that occurred. nick parker is covering this. i asked him how this could have happened. >> reporter: tragedy at an outdoor thrill show, eight people have been killed, including four children when a monster truck careened into a crowd of the truck had just performed a stunt when it appears to have lost control, the prosecutors tell cnn that it was using an
7:48 pm
unauthorized route for the move. the driver of the truck has said he hit his head and lost control. they are launching an investigation that will focus on the supporters of the annual event. erin? >> thank you, i want to check with anderson on what is coming up on "ac360." yes, much more on the standoff of the shutdown, both sides say they are looking at compromising, and more on the details with elizabeth smart, how she was taken from her home, and her talking out for the first time since the kidnapping ten years ago. also up ahead, tom hanks playing the role in the story about captain philips. others say the story is not even close, we'll have the story, and joining me for the two global
7:49 pm
raids, former navy seal chad williams will be joining me. all right, out front, the president weighing in on the washington redskins, so you know the debate has been going on about how if they should change their name. he said quote, if i knew a team and the name of the team, if they had a name that offended some people, i would think about changing it. the attorney said that obama has better things to worry about. is he right? the former presidential adviser, and professor at columbia university. paul begala. i know you have been defending the president on the shutdown, and other serious things, should he have answered the question about the washington redskins in the middle of this thing? >> well, first of all, he was asked. he didn't offer the answer.
7:50 pm
but if i were advising him i would say we have a full plate here, let's stay out of this. we're nearly at war with syria and congress, can we just not pick one more battle? i think he is right on the record, the name is offensive, the record is even more offensive, they're one and three, awful this year. >> oh, they're not as bad as the steelers or the giants. >> if anybody is going to change the name, they're the giants, they're not giants, they're pygmies. >> that is true. what do you think about this? the president could have said, i know you have strong views, but i'm not going to comment. look at the polling, 66% say no. so if the fans don't care about it, i had kind of gone off the radar, he does have all the wars going on. >> first of all, i don't think that the fans don't care about it. 66 are opposed, people that aren
7:51 pm
-- invested with it. he is the first president to make a comment on the native american sports deal. i don't buy into the logic we're in afghanistan, syria, iran, or wherever, we can't talk about this debt ceiling, there is never going to be a moment where the president has a completely empty plate. he is allowed to walk and chew gum at the same time, he can wait for the republicans to stop acting ridiculous -- >> does it make it trivial, paul? your boss was asked about a lot of things. i don't know how he kept his dignity, when he weighed in on boxers or briefs. this is not in that category, i don't mean to imply that. but if he answered would he have caused a bigger storm? >> i don't know, he barely
7:52 pm
answered. i would think about it if i were the owner. >> he equivocated a bit. and again, i think what he should have said is -- here is where i disagree with mark. i have worked in the white house, the time and attention of the president of the united states is the most rare and precious thing in the world. i am glad he is a sports fan, i am also, it makes him a regular guy. doesn't mean he has to share all the views where he can't affect it anyway. the owner of the team, dan schneider, said something like, not no, but hell, no. >> the president should weigh in on public matters, things that matters to the general public, this matters to a big portion of the american people. this took five seconds, not like he announced his answer to a roomful of -- >> fair point, but they didn't
7:53 pm
care for 80 years, i don't mean to demean the issue, i'm just saying there are now people fighting for the issue. >> i think there always were people fighting for the issue, even in the '50s and '60s, they didn't like it. one thing they have now, they have a big politial backing, now they're saying this is something we may consider and should get more support, and get the ball rolling. even if the american people decide differently and never change the name of the washington redskins. it was still a big deal. >> all right, we want your opinion, should the president have weighed in on the washington redskins issue. and "breaking bad," technically saying good-bye on television, it is truly saying farewell. and now sony began to auction off items used in production. the vehicles, the props,
7:54 pm
costumes, for the past week the fans have been happily bidding on the items, now it is almost over. the super fans of the show found out if their bid was high enough. you people must be super fans, the most paid was walter white's copy of "leaves of grass." and hector's bell? 360, and walter white's briefs. worn? currently going for $6,000, hey, whoever bids $6,000, may i remind you they were worn? you do have to pay to be a super fan. memorabilia experts say unlike iconic pieces like fonzi's jacket, they are not pieces going up in value. it is more of a cult show.
7:55 pm
not an american part of culture, as a result they say big money paid now, doesn't necessarily later mean big profit, so buy them if you love walter white. the money will actually go to sony mostly. sony is worth $17 billion. so $2 million means absolutely nothing to them. with the show's subject matter, we thought it might be nice to see the money go to a drug foundation instead of sony's coffers. and we found out what was actually in a chicken mcnugget. . ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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. it is time for the "out front" out take, some bad news for chicken mcnuggets, shocker, you say? researchers randomly selected the nuggets from two chains and it was not good. the report was, half of the nuggets was made out of chicken meat, and quote, fat was comprising a lot of it, with bone and other matter, now researchers didn't name the two fast food chains they tested, which is the problem here, they should have to name the ones they tested. you cano


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